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Funny video, my hat is off to Sevenfold, the highlight was the Sherdog getting screwed !

A screw Dana video would be the next logical step ! 

Classic ! Recommended viewing for UFC/TUF lemmings and Sherdog mouth-breathers, may induce mass epileptic seizures in afore mentioned demographics.

Oh, Sherdog moderators suck my man-meat and bathe in my man-milk.




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Arlovski and girlfriend

Andrei “The Pitbull” Arlovski, once the most popular UFC star, a UFC HW Champion, and crucible of the UFC back when PRIDE was the powerhouse with feared HWs like Fedor, Nogueira, Crocop, and Barnett in it’s roster and when the UFC was seen as the little ugly sister, was not only hidden in an untelevised undercard at UFC 82, he was shown the finger in every possible way, from Dana leaving the arena when Arlovski started fighting for a “bathroom break” that conveniently ended before and after the fight, to Joe Rogan dissing him throughout the bout, to his post-fight speech being clipped and not shown.
So, apparently Dana had the bright idea to have Arlovski fight the boring wrestler O’Brien, secretly hoping for a Lay and Pray upset, and puts it on the under card to insult Arlovski and a not so subtle “screw you.”
Despite all that, the crowd gave Arlovski a hero’s welcome and the loudest cheers of the night, even louder than the title fight.
I’m sure Dana and Joe Silva took note of that LMAO.
We all know Dana is a pyscho control-freak and stingy mofo with a Napoleon Complex and made Arlovski sit out for 10 months because he didn’t want to negotiate and pay Arlovski what he deserves, so what does he do, he tries burying Arlovski and – get this – promised Jake O’Brien the fight would be shown IF JAKE WON !!
Dana, what a friggin Douche-bag and little man you are !
Treating a former Champion like dirt to satisfy your twisted ego !
Shame on Dana !Go wash your dirty hands Dana, you suck man, we all know you suck.
There is a silver lining though.. our boy Arlovski gets to bang some hot Playboy pussy nightly, in the form of Patricia Mikula, polish model and sex-kitten !

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