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Let’s all be candid and speak our minds – suppose for a second you had never seen or heard of Chuck Liddell and saw him for the first time, what would likely be your initial thoughts ?

With his funny mohawk , tattoos, slurred speech and the vocabulary of an 8 year old, it would be a completely honest assessment to mistake Chuck for a beer-guzzling redneck trailer trash who popped his cousin’s cherry in the back seat of his dad’s pick-up. ( For all we know it may have happened, well, the beer-guzzling part is accurate at least)

I think a 40 year old man with a mohawk has serious issues , mid-life crisis serious, — a fact verified by Chuck’s outrageous and amusing behaviour throughout his career.

Chuck likes his booze, women, Nyquil, partying,  and painkiller cocktails so much Chuck is walking around in an induced  dream-like state of perpetual bliss — in other words, Chuck is WASTED.

Chuck doesn’t have  a personality anymore , and in his dream world Chuck’s easily susceptible to suggestion and coerced by Dana to say what Dana says, and think what Dana says is reality.

Dana is a pimp, who used to manage Liddell, and Dana’s “girls” include Chuck, Tim Sylvia, and Frank Mir.

 And just like a pimp’s girls seek approval for their pimp, Dana’s bitches seeks his approval by insulting real men

I think Chuck has gone extensive brainwashing and mind coercion techniques in Zuffa concentration camp and is now a mindless drone lacking in the slightest shred of independant personality, not unlike Tom Cruise and Scientology.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s being “sedated” by Zuffa … 

Here is Chuck making odd childish gestures with his hands at UFC 51 and Chuck slurring and losing conciousness in the middle of a Good Morning Texas interview promoting  the film 300 … 

You be the judge ….  

My message to Chuck — we’re here to help.

Leaving a cult can be difficult, just reach out to the outside  and we will free you from Dana’s clutches.

You’re crying for help Chuck. 


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 Chuck KO

Chuck Liddell apparently thinks Fedor is “overrated”, and thinks he “matches up well with Fedor.” 
OK Chuck. We hear you.
The same Chuck KTFO out by Rampage and made his bitch in PRIDE … the same Chuck owned by Jardine.
I’ve learned by now to pretty much ignore everything Dana says about a fighter, no matter if it’s from his mouth or Chuck’s, or Mir, or Timmeh, the company-men and Dana ball lickers.
These dudes are so obsessed with bringing up Fedor and trashing him at every opportunity, it’s hilarious how silly and classless they all sound. 
In Chuck’s case, it’s a matter of the MOST overated fighter calling the kettle black. 
Don’t let your victory over Wanderlei get to your drunk head Chuck, Fedor is on a whole different level. 
You’re getting uppity now Chuck boy, maybe a phone call to Quinton is in order ?
Oh, who heard that weird sound Chuck makes at 0:19 … sounds like a burp-giggle, Chuck, lay off the Nyquil before you do interviews ! Fedor would make you his bitch Chuck old boy !

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