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Dan Henderson

Dan is one of those fighters I’ve disliked for a long time and I can’t seem to  pinpoint the exact reason.
Is it that awkward smile and fox-like grin,  reminiscent of some sly dishonest thief from Oliver Twist ? 
Perhaps it is his boring wrestler fighting style and lack of charisma, or maybe I just see his real nature: a mean, old man, angry at having cauliflower ears and not being star material. 
Let’s face it, no matter how hard he tries, Dan will never be  star material, or have all that many fans for that matter. 
Any shriver of respect for Dan evaporated when to my utter horror and disgust I witnessed  Dan covering Silva’s mouth and occasionally nose, apparently attempting to obstruct his air-flow and gag him into submission, and sticking his finger into that orifice when Silva tried opening his mouth in the first round of their fight at UFC 82. 
Dan, trying to gag the honorable Silva, and hammer fisting his ears. 
Tsk, Tsk, I know Dana offered you a fat check and whispers of fame and fortune in exchange for beating Anderson Silva as Dana wants an American Champion (as evidenced by Dana coming out and saying Rich will get a shot at Anderson if he beats Lutter), but were you that desperate all you could do was try and gag someone on the ground ? 
My theory is Dan has intense jealosy of Anderson Silva’s carefully crafted feminine ears. 
It was weird — I could tell Rogan was disgusted and didn’t like what he was seeing when he commentated; he said it in a low reserved voice. 
That is a stupid and cheap trick in my book and every true MMA fan’s book — cheap tactics employed by a cheap old fox, and the funny thing is he got his ass kicked anyway and deserved it ! 
For the dumb TUFers and UFC lemmings saying BS like it’s normal and MMA, that is complete and utter BS. I’ve seen dozens and dozens of fights on the ground and that is a cheap move and shows 0 class. 
Oleg Taktorov once said the cheapest and dirtiest fighters were the American fighters, and the most honorable the Brazilians.
 I second that, as most American fighters come from a wrestling background, where dirty tricks is the norm. 
Dan is a sleaze-bucket and loser; you fail Dan. You suck at life. 
Dan is officially persona non grata in my book, he trains with Lindland, no wonder the nasty surprises !

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