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Oh brother not this shit again.


Frank “Bitch” Mir is letting his win over WWE super-wrestler Brock Lesnar get over his head, and looking like a jack-ass in the process.


In an interview with  CBS News following his win over Human Growth Hormone mutant Brock Lesnar at UFC 82, Frank Mir opened his rudimentary vagina mouth  and showed the world that swallowing Dana’s semen is hazardous and brain-damaging.


Here is the Question and Answer –


Q: Now there are a lot of top heavyweights not in the UFC — like Couture, Fedor Emelianenko, and Josh Barnett. Can they be mentioned as the top fighters in the world if they are not in the UFC?


Mir: I don’t think that is a possibility anymore. You’re only as good as your competition. Before, with Pride being separate from the UFC, you had tough competition there and tough competition here.


But now, we have the strongest competition. Fedor’s last opponent was not a ranked guy. If that is the trend now — to fight unranked guys — it will be very hard to sway the rankings.


Fighting 7-5 guys is more of a carnival. Not that you’re not a great fighter, but you need to fight top guys.


Nogueira is the top fighter in the top organization in the world. It would be very hard not to give him the top spot right now.


Frankie espoused several dumb arguments in the interview which fail miserably and show he’s Dana’s bitch – 


1) Frankie apparently imagines that the best fighters are in the UFC.


2) Frankie apparently subscribes to the funny “ranked” and “unranked” and “top guys” shit-talk, which has no real meaning and basically means UFC fighters are “ranked” and every one outside the UFC is “unranked.”


3) Frankie thinks fighting a 7″2 ( he says Choi is 7″5, 3 inches off bitch) kickboxer, ssirum champion, and K-1 Champion is a “carnival.”


Frankie discounts Choi’s kickboxing record and win over K-1 Champ Semmy Schilt, then again, he thinks the UFC is where the “top guys” are.


How sad.


4) He infers that Fedor should fight the “top guys”, and amusingly, brings up Nogeira of all people, a man Fedor dominated and out-classed in every aspect of the game 2.5 times.


Frank, you loser, there are other fighters outside North America who can analize you in the ring, you’re after all a UFC can, you lost to Brandon “Overrated” Vera, and Marcio

FUCKING Cruz of all people !


You look like a mutant rat too.


You’re a can who got owned by cans.


You shouldn’t even mention Fedor’s name, Fedor is beyond your league and you haven’t even earned the right  hold Fedor’s jock-straps, let alone criticize the man for not joining your precious UFC.


Fedor is ready to fight ANYONE in the UFC, it’s all up to Dana. Dana just doesn’t like chances, after what happened to Chuck in PRIDE in 2003.


The greatest irony ? Frankie says “You’re only as good as your competition” — after fighting Lesnar, a steroid and HgH abuser and WWE wrestler with only 1 “MMA” fight and no other MMA experience …. then  he rags on Fedor for fighting Hong Man, who has FOUGHT and WON against top competition in K-1.


Mir is deluded and retarded. Suck teh cawk Mir, I have sources in Zuffa who’ve been telling me stories about your “unique” sexual acts and activities at late-night Zuffa parties in Vegas …….



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