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The boys at Zuffa are up to their dirty tricks again.

First, the Zuffa faggots tried to suppress all PRIDE footage being shown on video-sharing sites so people could forget PRIDE and it’s superior product, but Zuffa soon learned that once a video was taken down it was back up almost instantaneously across the vast seas of the interwebz like a 100-headed hydra, as brave PRIDE fans defied the Zuffa shit-eaters and censorship with an emphatic FUCK YOU.

I assume most of you have already seen the above video, where Joe Rogan is interviewed by ESPN pre-UFC 82 and publically supports a potential dream Fedor-Randy match-up and HDNet’s involvement in making such a fight happen as well as give positive appraisals of the EliteXC-CBS network deal.

We can all be pretty confident Dana & Co were livid after hearing that, and not surprisingly, the video mysteriously vanished from ESPN … with the odd message  ” This video is no longer available.”

Probably had something to do with a phone call laden with expletives and threats about ESPN not being able to cover UFC events in the future ……

I was lucky to have downloaded the video before it was removed, and uploaded it to Youtube yesterday.

My message to Zuffa and it’s army of lawyers: Sodomize yourselves with diamond-encrusted batons and drink my man-juice, we are free men and MMA fans, you can take away PRIDE, destroy it and tarnish it’s legacy, disrespect it’s fighters, but you can’t take away our FRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDOOOOOOM !!!!!!!




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This video is about a few months old, but seems to be literally vanishing all over the interwebz for some reason. ( Dana and his army of lawyers doing their cover-up thing … ) 

I wouldn’t be surprised if this video disappeared in a few days … I have a copy safe, so if it is, I’ll re-upload it, and a big screw you to the Zuffa boys and lawyers !

The video includes snapshots of Fedor’s fights and is a radio interview where Joe Rogan is asked by a viewer on whether he agree’s with Dana’s “assessment” of Fedor.

Dana’s “assessment” of Fedor is, ahem , Fedor “sucks”, Fedor is a “Russian Pussy”, a “farce”, and “not top 5.”

Dana made these remarks in official UFC press conferences with Lorenzo sitting beside him ….Rogan says it as it is, as a real MMA fan (as opposed to the ridiculous term “Ultimate Fighting”) and calls Fedor the “greatest HW in the world”, “amazing”, “a machine from Russia”, “dominant, attacking guy”, and a “badass.”

If Rogan weren’t a UFC commentator, you’d have thought he were Fedor’s agent or promoter, as he praises Fedor from start to finish in glowing terms.

Dana must have locked Rogan in the Zuffa dungeon for a few days for that .. err… mistake.

Joe must have confused the squealing TUF fanboys clutching their Dana White and Lesnar posters — Fedor is a farce, Fedor is amazing, Fedor sucks, Fedor is badass, Fedor is not top 5, Fedor is the greatest HW …. mass overload and TUFer seizures !

He tries to pass off Dana remarks as Dana being a great businessman and promoter who trashes his rivals and competitors ( can’t diss your boss on air!), I see it as Dana talking out of his vagina and dreaming of being a lame Don King wannabe.

Dana has psychological issues , watches reruns of the Rocky series everyday, and suffers from a severe form of incurable Naploean Complex.

I’ll dig up an old interview of Dana where we see he’s changed completely, a 360 degree transformation from a shy OK guy to a loud-mouth, obscenity driven, trash-talking buffoon.

NOTE – The “retard” comment at the end was dubbed in later ! 

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