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I guess it’s official: Cheick Kongo, the man many UFC nuthuggers billed “a top 5 HW” and “amazing striker”, was, get this, KO by Heath Herring in the opening seconds of the first round , and couldn’t do diddly squat during the rest of the stand-up to the game and charging Herring.

Instead, Kongo decided to show his ground skills ( or lack of it ) rather than stand up and “kickbox.”

I would hope this loss puts things into perspective for the UFC lemming crowd thumping their chests about how UFC is soooo much better than former PRIDE fighters .. and then Gonzaga gets bitch slapped by Werdum, and Kongo looks like a can against Herring.

LOL, and the Sherdog hordes ejaculating and exclaiming Kongo and Gonzaga as beating Fedor, oh my sides doth split.

Lesson learned – Crocop had issues in the cage. He isn’t the same fighter – he said so, Barnett said so, Fedor said so.

PRIDE fighters are getting the better of the UFC fighters so far — even though many PRIDE stars sat out for months after the UFC purchase and destruction of PRIDE and were rusty when going into a new environment.

Kongo sucks. Kongo would have been murdered by the OWGP Crocop, that Crocop was MEAN.


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