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Mark Coleman 

So Dana decided to induct Mark Coleman a few days ago into the “UFC Hall of Fame” ( as of any titles or honorary titles from the UFC  actually mean anything except to stupid “Ultimate Fighting” nuthuggers)

It’s also funny that Dana had nothing to say in that article ( Thomas Gerbasi must have been instructed to cover-up the nice little things his boss has said about Coleman !.)

 For the record,  Dana has called Coleman washed up, a can, and a 50 year old man not less than 2 months ago to discredit Fedor’s wins over him .. an odd thing to say when Randy is actually older than Coleman. 

Apparently through some secret process Mark Coleman has been transformed and has gone from being a washed up old man to a “Former UFC and PRIDE Champion” and “Two-time UFC Tournament Winner” and “UFC Hall of Fame Inductee.”

Coleman has also signed a 4 fight deal with the UFC, to debut against Lesnar in August.  

OOOOOOOOOK. Double take. Talk about contradictions. 

Dana you’re full of shit, you suck balls.  You make yourself  look like a total moron Dana, we all laugh at you.

Though I wonder if Coleman was inducted in the “Most Roided Fighter” sub-category … 

On another note, Coleman’s daughter’s got some freaky ab definition going on there, a case of good genetics, or raiding “Daddy’s Supplements” ?

That’s a joke by the way. 


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