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I found this gem, it’s an interview done by the Fight Network during Randy and Fedor’s commercial Affliction photo-shoot.

Yeah, the reporter Joey Varner is kind of corny and awkward in his opening introduction, skip it and listen to rare video footage of Fedor speaking pretty fluent though heavily Russian-accented English – Fedor is badass and talks like a cyborg.






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After the much publicized Fedor-Randy-Dana drama that unfolded after Fedor snubbed the UFC and it’s ridiculous slave contract, a contract deemed”unsignable” by Emelianenko and his subsequent alignment with M-1 Global — it appears there is light in the tunnel for a potential dream match-up between Fedor and Randy.
According to rumors Thursday and an ESPN interview with Apy Echtald,  a member of Fedor’s management team, confirmed that Fedor would split from M-1 Global next week and be officially a free agent.
It seems even Dana has had a change of heart ( or maybe thankful for a second chance, beg Dana, grovel and beg !) when, after asked if he is willing to negotiate with Fedor again,  is quoted to say:
“Absolutely, 100 percent, in a heartbeat,” says White. “People think he’s the best—I don’t, not even close. But if it’s somehow possible, I would make it happen.” 


 At least Dana didn’t insult Fedor and his management with such colorful terms like calling Fedor a “farce”, “Russian Pussy”, or say Fedor “sucks” and term his management “crazy Russians.”
That’s an improvement. Maybe Dana is sweating with the EliteXC-CBS broadcast deal and the changing MMA landscape with the restart of Japanese MMA with DREAM and WVR and rumor of a as yet unnamed Golden Boy Productions/Affliction MMA promotion, which apparently signed Matt Lindland.
That leaves Fedor with more options than just the UFC, with several organizations looking to sign up the recognized #1 HW in the world.
Fedor recently completed a photo-shoot in LA with Randy for Affliction, it would seem that the new Golden Boy/Affliction promotion and Mark Cuban’s HDNet would be favored by Fedor and Randy rather than happening in the UFC, I guess we just wait and see …
I don’t see the UFC doing a good job in hyping the fight as it should, hell, they did nothing for Nogueira and most of the former PRIDE champions, and their marketing was half-assed at best.
More as info starts to leak …. 

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