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Momentous things will be happening this year, so says Sheikh Zubeer, so will be !

Cameldog ( http://www.cameldog.com, http://www.cameldog.net) is shaping up and the forums will be the first to launch next month.

Cameldog will be the anti-Sherdog, the forums will be the home of the Sher-bant, poor noobs banned by fascist insecure mods over at the Dog.( Sherdog mods, yuck, white trash, lepers, and social rejects, what a pathetic bunch.)

It’s not about forums now … it’s personal.

This is a message to you Jeff Sherwood, Sherjew and manatee, you suckers are going DOWWWWWN !

Trust me Shercunts, you have a well-oiled and determined foe, and the the Sheikh will stand triumphant and Sherdog will wave the white flag in the end.

The main site however, will blow the Shernoobs out of the water and cause mass defections.

Fight Finder ? Stats ? Multimedia and Interviews ? Store ?

That shit is EASY to implement.

You gotta do better than THAT Sherdog , this Sheikh has a score to settle , and any cent out of your pockets is good enough for me.

I’m sitting in a pile of mullah and surprised the combined non-Sherdog MMA sites couldn’t do any better .. lack of capital ?

The Sher-dawg ain’t going to have the lime-light to itself, 2008 is the year the Dog sweats — Sheikh Zubeer, the successful businessman mogul and multimillionaire that I am, has some new tricks to teach the Sher-dog.

The game has began …. here is a sneak peak at the logo – the forums will be launched within 2 weeks and you ALL are gonna hear about it.

The Sher-cunts will suck my Man-Meat , in total subservience, and drink my life-giving Man-Milk.




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So, we’ve seen an incredible amount of venom poured on Fedor from trailer kids across America, TUFers, and beer-guzzling hillbillies on Sherdog, home of the squirrels, and now the question arises — why do these keyboard warriors hate on Fedor, the greatest HW in MMA history and THE GOAT ? 

I am not here to debate subjective concepts like rankings and ethereal descriptions such as ‘unranked’ fighters, ‘top 10’, dumb UFC pricks !


Any one with some brainpower must realize rankings in MMA is simply opinion.


It is not definitive, real, and certainly has no impact on fights. Your opinion is as good as anyone’s else, because it is OPINION.


Sherdog, MMA Weekly, and every MMA fan can have their own ‘top ten lists’ and each one’s list would arguably be as valid as the next, and irrelevant to ‘who is the better fighter’, or who is the ‘top p4p fighter.’


On any given night in any MMA fight, there is always a chance for either fighter to win.


Styles can make fights, fights can be unpredictable, lucky shots can land, accidents happen.


With that said, I believe Fedor is the top HW fighter in the world based on performace, adaptability, technique, character, and heart.


No other fighter in my opinion has displayed these qualities to the degree Fedor has and attained a record he has.


Whether you disagree with my opinion is fine, as it should have no correlation to the hate Fedor receives by cock-guzzling TUFers.


I noticed this about Fedor haters- almost exclusively, Fedor haters are more pro-UFC and more of an org and Dana White supporter than other fans.


Reasons for hating Fedor mostly revolve around these people believing Fedor is ‘ducking’ UFC fighters, and/or dispute his ‘rank’, as result of pro-PRIDE fans who kept posting ‘Fedor is number 1’ for years.


The majority of these haters are clearly brainwashed by what Dana White says — as is evident by these haters saying, word for word on numerous occasions, the exact same words used by Dana White.


You have others who bash Fedor based on imaginary ‘rankings’, some of these people may really believe there is such a thing as a holy rankings, some kind of Ten Commandments.


In both cases, the hate is childish, selfish, and out of touch with reality.


I can only assume that if I had to see these bashers in person they would be likely 14-28, American, less tolerant of foreign cultures and society, white, rabidly pro-UFC and anti-everything else not American ( many of these bashers have references of ‘American over all’, etc.), and racist and xenophobic to a degree.


These people are selfish and lack a capacity for independant-thinking, and critically, ‘out of the box’ thinking.


They are only capable of thinking in narrow and limited scope of views, influenced by and brainwashed by Dana’s childish rantings and lies and their own lack of reason.


In my opinion, these people are extremely sick. Hate and ignorance together prove a laughable and ugly mixture.


In Fedor, here is a man, so humble, he looks at the floor when facing opponents.


A man who has NEVER trash-talked, a la Tim Sylvia , Phil Baroni, etc who has shown the utmost respect and dignity to fighters and fans. ( You are not a fan if you scream about rankings and imagine it is his duty to fight who you think he should fight.)


In a perfect world, hating such a person should be a crime, how can such a humble and good man, who happens to be the world’s best HW MMA fighter, be treated like a criminal and coward by these faceless keyboard warriors, these sick sick people who hate and do not reason.


If you don’t think he’s the best fine, hate the people who call him the best — when you go over that, and actually hate Fedor the man — who has never called himself the #1 fighter — you show misplace rage, and childish rantings.


My assumption, based on an analysis of these Fedor-haters, stands — an incredibly materialistic, selfish, insensitive, brainwashed, racist/xenophobic mix that is utterly disgusting when the hate is on a humble man.


These same people admire and respect fighters who gloat and brag …


Shame on you losers.




N.B — This article is very … let’s say different from my normal style of posting ! It was an old article posted on Sherdog when I was in peace negotiations with the TUFer/UFC lemmings, before I declared holy war against the Dana-sucking squirrels ! 

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Disgruntled Sherdoggers, poor fallen noobs, victims of Nazi power-tripping insecure Sherdog moderators, such undeserved injustice and quivering rage!


If fate has led you to this blog you have truly been guided to the right place — the blog of Sheikh Zubeer , your saviour and warrior, and I will stand for you and rock Sherdog’s foundations to it’s very core, and usher in a new era of justice and holy Sherdemption.


The rebellion has begun — as you all know, 90% of Sherdog moderators are biased, fascist, insecure fuck-tards with double standards , no money, girlfriends, or lives, and a massive inferiority complex and penis envy.


Sherdog is a fascist autocracy, and the mods are corrupt liars and pathetic hypocrites and power-tripping cum-guzzling little chickens, so if one of these mods happens to not like what you say or dislike you they conveniently ban you without comment or reason or just lump you in the general “trolling” category if they can’t find anything else to stick you with !


It’s hilarious watching them work and start troll threads of their own and troll in other threads and ban other posters to show-off their powers — ahhhhhh, power corrupts, truly a case of power going to their heads, they seem to enjoy having power over others in a sadistic way.


Sheik Zubeer hates injustice, arrogance, hubris, power-abuse, and general douche-bag “I’m superior” behavior.


Makes you wonder what these guys would be like if they were soldiers, had guns, and had some young attractive women to guard … the power-abusing personality starts off small but is a solid indication of their weak personalities and lack of self-esteem, they JERK OFF to feeling better and banning and controlling other posters.


Fozzy, King Kabuki, Matt, Wamrage, Urban, Standard, and Lust are the scum of the scum in the cess-pool of Sherdog, and responsible for the majority of unethical and abuse of power bans — they seem to target posters with charisma, a quick wit, and different views from their own, who don’t take their stupid snide and antagonizing remarks like the rest of the poor sheep who suck up to them.


They basically see themselves as guardians and owners of whatever sub-forum they scuttle in like crabs, and want to be number 1 in the popularity polla.


Truly the most pathetic moderators I’ve ever seen on any forum in the Internet, and I post in dozens of large forums.


Whiny vindictive pansies who play “gotcha” with cards and bannings don’t deserve power.


Give it to someone who will enforce the written rules and whose behavior will be beyond reproach.


In a just interwebz, they’d all be demoted and made regular users as they don’t do their jobs and simply jack off to banning and abusing their positions, and their favorite tool is the IP ban, the regular ban, and dubbz.


Well, it’s easy to bypass the IP ban , it’s called using a proxy server, like Proxifythe Cloak.etc


You just access Sherdog with a different IP address — if you have dynamic IP and your IP changes every time you connect, you’re lucky, for those with a static IP that doesn’t change, proxies are the answer.


Personally, I use Tor, and I can change my IP to one of thousands around the world.


Suck my cawk and drink my man-milk Sher-mods, I am free and proud, and am watching you suckers !


An eye for an eye, sperm-buckets !


The drums of war have sounded, the revolution has begun !


N.B– I was banned by the transexual Matt because he didn’t like my George Bush avatar and my political views on the U.S., and was banned for creating a thread ” Why do Americans look older than their age”, and in the OT of all places, just a curious question as to why some 19 year old Americans look like 27 somethings where I come from, and 17 year old American girls look late 20s …


A debate was going on about possible hormones in milk and meat speeding up the aging process when that cum-bucket came in with his “I’m the law” bullshit.


The funny thing, Matt the homo listed “posting stupid threads” as the reason for the ban when he posts such “great” posts about how many posts he has or other inane juvenile nonsense ,and when the entire OT is a gimmick and all posters contribute one sentence posts, and Matt himself posts ridiculous garbage and empty posts, and nothing worthwhile.


Though only an internet forum, the principle of injustice rings strong.


Sheikh Zubeer believes strongly in FREE SPEECH and FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION.


That’s why ANYONE can say ANYTHING here, I’m 6″4, 230 ibs of ripped beef , rich, confident, and my penis is 8 inches long.


No insecurity issues here !

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Obviously, you know who the scowling man is above, with his fake “mean” look and pedophile smile – Dana White, President of the UFC, former aerobics instructor, high school drop-out , shit-talker, and self-proclaimed Grand Poombah and Holy Savior of MMA  and Don King wannabe.

Personally, judging by the hellish expression on his face , the guy probably hates his own reflection off the camera as much as he hates everyone else. 

Oh, this is a back in the day younger and less follicle-challenged Dana, prior to  adopteding his current Dr.Evil look.

I digress – I’ve been ranting off-topic, as I tend to do when I talk about Dana.

So Dana hooks up with  high-school friend and casino and gambling magnate Lorenzo Fertitta, and convinces him to buy the ailing UFC for a few million in chump change from Bob Meyrowitz, and goes about losing money and bitching ….. until … a seminal moment occurred that was to change everything.

Spike TV convinced Dana to give the green light to The Ultimate Fighter, a reality-tv mma series modeled on the Contender ..

Dana thought the idea was crap and a waste of time  …… what happened was the complete opposite – it turned out to be a resounding success, and completely changed the UFC from an underground scorned organization to marginal mainstream acceptance, a large fan base from the 15-25 white, lower middle class and  trailer trash demographic, and exploding PPV numbers and revenue.

So much for Dana being a “great businessman” when TUF would have never been born and the UFC never attained it’s present success had Dana not been pushed by Spike to produce the show. 

So were spawned the TUFers and UFC lemmings,  who needed guidance and a leader and sweaty balls to hug – Dana saw that need,decided to model himself on Don King , took acting lessons , watched Rocky re-runs and constantly  practiced talking dirty to his pet poodle, and invested in a RDF generator.

These lemmings and cult members would do anything for their master Dana … onward TUFer soldier !


The RDF (reality distortion field), a la Steve Jobs and the Mac, was activated from Zuffa HQ and subliminally dissipated through UFC PPVs to brainwash poor white kids in trailers. 

Dana has been riding the coattails and surfing the waves ever  since“Only in America” playing in his delirious head non-stop, drums banging.

The retarded, xenophobic, racist, and low-IQ TUfers and UFC lemmings happily gyrate to the beats of Dana’s drums in writhing ecstasy, for to them, verily, Dana is their hero, prophet, idol, leader, god,  and butt-buddy simultaneously.

TUFers/UFC squirrels are easily spotted and identified – they defend Dana White, the UFC, and UFC fighters with passionate, irrational,  and rabid zeal ; defend Dana over UFC fighters, think MMA is “Ultimate Fighting”, drink beer in red cups, boo fighters, chant “USA,USA,USA” and think all non-UFC fighters are “juicing”, a “can”, or a “freakshow”, and hail from trailer communities in Texas, Arizona, and Shit Creek, Kentucky.


TUFers/UFC lemmings consider it an honor to lick Dana’s nutsack and would gladly take it up the starfish for their leader for bragging rights

The UFC zombies have conquered and subverted Sherdog making it a petting-zoo – the poster boy and perfect example of the UFC/TUF reject is Sherdogger Aniketos, aka Lilduvessa, a hideous creature and legendary troll and UFC lackey who spearheaded the successful invasion and occupation of the Sherdog zoo-forums.

Here he is in all his splendid glory ( too many knocks falling down the Apple tree eh ?) –


 These sad creatures regurgitate and spout Dana’s verbal diarrhea, and are forever at war with the former elites, proud and free PRIDE nuthuggers, a dying and resilent breed who battle valiantly against the monstrous UFC beasts.

Dana is a wily dumb-ass prick, but compared to his followers Dana is a MIT uber-nerd, as TUFers are so stupid, brainwashed, and brain-dead, arguing with one can drop your IQ 20 points.

So the TUFers reproduced asexually, and so many hung onto Dana’s small nuts he had to upgrade to bigger nuts so his TUF noobs could clutch his nuts in safety without fear of falling ….. 



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Sherdog … there was a time it was a cool place, when an intelligent debate could go on for days without flaming and dirt throwing, then came the TUF noob hordes and the UFC lemmings, and it’s fall from grace.


Going into the HWs these days is like going into a TUF/UFC zoo, with 90% of posters classic  poor white trash, xenophobic, retarded, and wasted losers with no lives or money.


That goes double for the OT, a cess-pool of the lowest of the low, Sherdog’s reputation has become so bad that a noun with negative connotations has been coined – The Sherdogger, basically a mindless mouth breathing follower and ass-licker.



Along with them came some corrupt and power-tripping mods, who like the cawk and probably have intense sexual experiences when banning people on their little control panels.


Case in point – Two sucker mods calling themselves “Wamrage” and “Matt”, both OT moderators, both low-class losers and cawk-craving homosexuals. 


How such a pair of immature and biased fuck-tards ever became mods  is a miracle in and of itself ( Both these guys routinely violate their positions, editing other poster’s posts, banning people they dislike, starting dumb threads and making dumb posts, but deleting other posts if it gets too popular as they are jealous little bitches.)


They seem to get a kick out of showing their authority on a freaking internet forum, and take themselves and their “job” ( if a non-paying volunteer service can be called a job) to ludicrous levels, they patrol the OT like Doberman bitches with no lives, while the rest of the loser society sucks their boners dry in exchange… for staying on the forum !


Simply hilarious ! Wamrage lives in a trailer with 4 chicks he’s never banged ( what a fag), Matt is a hobo and loser-nerd and sends PMs for homosexual sex to random posters .. and is hated by pretty much every poster with a join date before 2004.


It’s like corrupt cops – same mentality, same end-result, power-tripping losers who can’t make it at life, so look for power over other people to hide their shitty lives.


Matt and Wamrage, you pussies suck ass, I’d butt-fuck you little nerds and make you my bitches in real life.


I’m laughing because I know being a Sherdog moderator is your idea of power and you jack off to the idea of delivering a dubbs or ban !


Suckers !


The S&P mods also sadly suffer from the same disease, Urban, Lust, and Standard, butt-buddies and perpetual losers and semen-stains. 


I’m infinitely above those suckers, I drive a BMW, and have more money than the whole OT combined. Fo/ky ! 


Sherdog .. Sherdog .. it’s become such a magnet for white trash losers. racists, and UFC lemmings and corrupt mods it’s not even funny anymore ! (which is pretty much all the same anyway  …)




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