The boys at Zuffa are up to their dirty tricks again.

First, the Zuffa faggots tried to suppress all PRIDE footage being shown on video-sharing sites so people could forget PRIDE and it’s superior product, but Zuffa soon learned that once a video was taken down it was back up almost instantaneously across the vast seas of the interwebz like a 100-headed hydra, as brave PRIDE fans defied the Zuffa shit-eaters and censorship with an emphatic FUCK YOU.

I assume most of you have already seen the above video, where Joe Rogan is interviewed by ESPN pre-UFC 82 and publically supports a potential dream Fedor-Randy match-up and HDNet’s involvement in making such a fight happen as well as give positive appraisals of the EliteXC-CBS network deal.

We can all be pretty confident Dana & Co were livid after hearing that, and not surprisingly, the video mysteriously vanished from ESPN … with the odd message  ” This video is no longer available.”

Probably had something to do with a phone call laden with expletives and threats about ESPN not being able to cover UFC events in the future ……

I was lucky to have downloaded the video before it was removed, and uploaded it to Youtube yesterday.

My message to Zuffa and it’s army of lawyers: Sodomize yourselves with diamond-encrusted batons and drink my man-juice, we are free men and MMA fans, you can take away PRIDE, destroy it and tarnish it’s legacy, disrespect it’s fighters, but you can’t take away our FRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDOOOOOOM !!!!!!!





I found this gem, it’s an interview done by the Fight Network during Randy and Fedor’s commercial Affliction photo-shoot.

Yeah, the reporter Joey Varner is kind of corny and awkward in his opening introduction, skip it and listen to rare video footage of Fedor speaking pretty fluent though heavily Russian-accented English – Fedor is badass and talks like a cyborg.






Oh brother not this shit again.


Frank “Bitch” Mir is letting his win over WWE super-wrestler Brock Lesnar get over his head, and looking like a jack-ass in the process.


In an interview with  CBS News following his win over Human Growth Hormone mutant Brock Lesnar at UFC 82, Frank Mir opened his rudimentary vagina mouth  and showed the world that swallowing Dana’s semen is hazardous and brain-damaging.


Here is the Question and Answer –


Q: Now there are a lot of top heavyweights not in the UFC — like Couture, Fedor Emelianenko, and Josh Barnett. Can they be mentioned as the top fighters in the world if they are not in the UFC?


Mir: I don’t think that is a possibility anymore. You’re only as good as your competition. Before, with Pride being separate from the UFC, you had tough competition there and tough competition here.


But now, we have the strongest competition. Fedor’s last opponent was not a ranked guy. If that is the trend now — to fight unranked guys — it will be very hard to sway the rankings.


Fighting 7-5 guys is more of a carnival. Not that you’re not a great fighter, but you need to fight top guys.


Nogueira is the top fighter in the top organization in the world. It would be very hard not to give him the top spot right now.


Frankie espoused several dumb arguments in the interview which fail miserably and show he’s Dana’s bitch – 


1) Frankie apparently imagines that the best fighters are in the UFC.


2) Frankie apparently subscribes to the funny “ranked” and “unranked” and “top guys” shit-talk, which has no real meaning and basically means UFC fighters are “ranked” and every one outside the UFC is “unranked.”


3) Frankie thinks fighting a 7″2 ( he says Choi is 7″5, 3 inches off bitch) kickboxer, ssirum champion, and K-1 Champion is a “carnival.”


Frankie discounts Choi’s kickboxing record and win over K-1 Champ Semmy Schilt, then again, he thinks the UFC is where the “top guys” are.


How sad.


4) He infers that Fedor should fight the “top guys”, and amusingly, brings up Nogeira of all people, a man Fedor dominated and out-classed in every aspect of the game 2.5 times.


Frank, you loser, there are other fighters outside North America who can analize you in the ring, you’re after all a UFC can, you lost to Brandon “Overrated” Vera, and Marcio

FUCKING Cruz of all people !


You look like a mutant rat too.


You’re a can who got owned by cans.


You shouldn’t even mention Fedor’s name, Fedor is beyond your league and you haven’t even earned the right  hold Fedor’s jock-straps, let alone criticize the man for not joining your precious UFC.


Fedor is ready to fight ANYONE in the UFC, it’s all up to Dana. Dana just doesn’t like chances, after what happened to Chuck in PRIDE in 2003.


The greatest irony ? Frankie says “You’re only as good as your competition” — after fighting Lesnar, a steroid and HgH abuser and WWE wrestler with only 1 “MMA” fight and no other MMA experience …. then  he rags on Fedor for fighting Hong Man, who has FOUGHT and WON against top competition in K-1.


Mir is deluded and retarded. Suck teh cawk Mir, I have sources in Zuffa who’ve been telling me stories about your “unique” sexual acts and activities at late-night Zuffa parties in Vegas …….



Let’s all be candid and speak our minds – suppose for a second you had never seen or heard of Chuck Liddell and saw him for the first time, what would likely be your initial thoughts ?

With his funny mohawk , tattoos, slurred speech and the vocabulary of an 8 year old, it would be a completely honest assessment to mistake Chuck for a beer-guzzling redneck trailer trash who popped his cousin’s cherry in the back seat of his dad’s pick-up. ( For all we know it may have happened, well, the beer-guzzling part is accurate at least)

I think a 40 year old man with a mohawk has serious issues , mid-life crisis serious, — a fact verified by Chuck’s outrageous and amusing behaviour throughout his career.

Chuck likes his booze, women, Nyquil, partying,  and painkiller cocktails so much Chuck is walking around in an induced  dream-like state of perpetual bliss — in other words, Chuck is WASTED.

Chuck doesn’t have  a personality anymore , and in his dream world Chuck’s easily susceptible to suggestion and coerced by Dana to say what Dana says, and think what Dana says is reality.

Dana is a pimp, who used to manage Liddell, and Dana’s “girls” include Chuck, Tim Sylvia, and Frank Mir.

 And just like a pimp’s girls seek approval for their pimp, Dana’s bitches seeks his approval by insulting real men

I think Chuck has gone extensive brainwashing and mind coercion techniques in Zuffa concentration camp and is now a mindless drone lacking in the slightest shred of independant personality, not unlike Tom Cruise and Scientology.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s being “sedated” by Zuffa … 

Here is Chuck making odd childish gestures with his hands at UFC 51 and Chuck slurring and losing conciousness in the middle of a Good Morning Texas interview promoting  the film 300 … 

You be the judge ….  

My message to Chuck — we’re here to help.

Leaving a cult can be difficult, just reach out to the outside  and we will free you from Dana’s clutches.

You’re crying for help Chuck. 


Obviously, you know who the scowling man is above, with his fake “mean” look and pedophile smile – Dana White, President of the UFC, former aerobics instructor, high school drop-out , shit-talker, and self-proclaimed Grand Poombah and Holy Savior of MMA  and Don King wannabe.

Personally, judging by the hellish expression on his face , the guy probably hates his own reflection off the camera as much as he hates everyone else. 

Oh, this is a back in the day younger and less follicle-challenged Dana, prior to  adopteding his current Dr.Evil look.

I digress – I’ve been ranting off-topic, as I tend to do when I talk about Dana.

So Dana hooks up with  high-school friend and casino and gambling magnate Lorenzo Fertitta, and convinces him to buy the ailing UFC for a few million in chump change from Bob Meyrowitz, and goes about losing money and bitching ….. until … a seminal moment occurred that was to change everything.

Spike TV convinced Dana to give the green light to The Ultimate Fighter, a reality-tv mma series modeled on the Contender ..

Dana thought the idea was crap and a waste of time  …… what happened was the complete opposite – it turned out to be a resounding success, and completely changed the UFC from an underground scorned organization to marginal mainstream acceptance, a large fan base from the 15-25 white, lower middle class and  trailer trash demographic, and exploding PPV numbers and revenue.

So much for Dana being a “great businessman” when TUF would have never been born and the UFC never attained it’s present success had Dana not been pushed by Spike to produce the show. 

So were spawned the TUFers and UFC lemmings,  who needed guidance and a leader and sweaty balls to hug – Dana saw that need,decided to model himself on Don King , took acting lessons , watched Rocky re-runs and constantly  practiced talking dirty to his pet poodle, and invested in a RDF generator.

These lemmings and cult members would do anything for their master Dana … onward TUFer soldier !


The RDF (reality distortion field), a la Steve Jobs and the Mac, was activated from Zuffa HQ and subliminally dissipated through UFC PPVs to brainwash poor white kids in trailers. 

Dana has been riding the coattails and surfing the waves ever  since“Only in America” playing in his delirious head non-stop, drums banging.

The retarded, xenophobic, racist, and low-IQ TUfers and UFC lemmings happily gyrate to the beats of Dana’s drums in writhing ecstasy, for to them, verily, Dana is their hero, prophet, idol, leader, god,  and butt-buddy simultaneously.

TUFers/UFC squirrels are easily spotted and identified – they defend Dana White, the UFC, and UFC fighters with passionate, irrational,  and rabid zeal ; defend Dana over UFC fighters, think MMA is “Ultimate Fighting”, drink beer in red cups, boo fighters, chant “USA,USA,USA” and think all non-UFC fighters are “juicing”, a “can”, or a “freakshow”, and hail from trailer communities in Texas, Arizona, and Shit Creek, Kentucky.


TUFers/UFC lemmings consider it an honor to lick Dana’s nutsack and would gladly take it up the starfish for their leader for bragging rights

The UFC zombies have conquered and subverted Sherdog making it a petting-zoo – the poster boy and perfect example of the UFC/TUF reject is Sherdogger Aniketos, aka Lilduvessa, a hideous creature and legendary troll and UFC lackey who spearheaded the successful invasion and occupation of the Sherdog zoo-forums.

Here he is in all his splendid glory ( too many knocks falling down the Apple tree eh ?) –


 These sad creatures regurgitate and spout Dana’s verbal diarrhea, and are forever at war with the former elites, proud and free PRIDE nuthuggers, a dying and resilent breed who battle valiantly against the monstrous UFC beasts.

Dana is a wily dumb-ass prick, but compared to his followers Dana is a MIT uber-nerd, as TUFers are so stupid, brainwashed, and brain-dead, arguing with one can drop your IQ 20 points.

So the TUFers reproduced asexually, and so many hung onto Dana’s small nuts he had to upgrade to bigger nuts so his TUF noobs could clutch his nuts in safety without fear of falling ….. 




With a  face only a mother can love and a fearsome reputation as a hard-hitting  street-slugger immortalized on Youtube, street-sensation turned MMA fighter Kimbo Slice is a man reviled, scorned, and underrated by almost EVERYONE – Sherdoggers, elitest MMA “experts”, the mainstream , my mother, and probably your mother.

Vilified by many UFC/TUF/white-trash semen-stains, Kimbo hasn’t let that faze him.

He hired Bas Rutten  to train him and has spent a year diligently doing so, spends countless hours in the gym “absorbing techniques like a sponge” as his trainers say …  joined EliteXC and pretty much is “the face” of EliteXC and the major attraction, as can be judged by Kimbo’s latest showing against Tank Abbot, where he earned a cool $ 175,000 of bread and chedda, and made EliteXC’s latest show, Street Certified, a run-away business success, when he made quick work of former UFC badboy Tank Abbott.

Abbott’s apparent fear of Kimbo was clear as day at the weigh-ins and in the cage, with Abbott refraining to look at Kimbo nervously. 

It is funny how many of those people who hate Kimbo respect Bas Rutten — and Bas Rutten is nothing but glowing in his appraisal of Kimbo and his willingness to learn and improve his game and his respect of others.

They call him a “freakshow”, “can” — then defend Brock Lesnar — Kimbo is only 6″1, 237 ibs, if he’s a freakshow, then every UFC HW is Godzilla. Kimbo has more experience and fights then Lesnar … yet Kimbo is a can and Lesnar is “impressive.” 

That makes the contradiction even more overwhelming — why is Kimbo so hated ?

It has to do with his past affiliation and image as the big bad black man and his connection to black hip-hop culture, making his bread,  and as Kimbo’s haters are largely UFC/TUfers who are almost exclusively white-trash racists and Dana ball-lickers, they hate on him for being NOT in the UFC, and for being a big scary black man in Youtube videos.

Kimbo is hated so much by the UFC lemmings because he is so visible and known, he’s probably the most known MMA fighter in America.. even for people who don’t know MMA … people who never watch UFC or even know MMA KNOW Kimbo, ‘oh he’s the big black dude KO people on Youtube, yeah, I know Ultimate Fighting ‘ is commonly heard ….

Kimbo is about to reach super-star fame and name recognition when EliteXC air their first show in April on CBS .. an event I predict will rock MMA and permanently alter the landscape of MMA in the U.S …

Time will tell …. I personally think Kimbo has a decent chance against many 10 ten HWs … ( not including names !,)

Kimbo is hungry, and Kimbo wants him some bread !



This video is about a few months old, but seems to be literally vanishing all over the interwebz for some reason. ( Dana and his army of lawyers doing their cover-up thing … ) 

I wouldn’t be surprised if this video disappeared in a few days … I have a copy safe, so if it is, I’ll re-upload it, and a big screw you to the Zuffa boys and lawyers !

The video includes snapshots of Fedor’s fights and is a radio interview where Joe Rogan is asked by a viewer on whether he agree’s with Dana’s “assessment” of Fedor.

Dana’s “assessment” of Fedor is, ahem , Fedor “sucks”, Fedor is a “Russian Pussy”, a “farce”, and “not top 5.”

Dana made these remarks in official UFC press conferences with Lorenzo sitting beside him ….Rogan says it as it is, as a real MMA fan (as opposed to the ridiculous term “Ultimate Fighting”) and calls Fedor the “greatest HW in the world”, “amazing”, “a machine from Russia”, “dominant, attacking guy”, and a “badass.”

If Rogan weren’t a UFC commentator, you’d have thought he were Fedor’s agent or promoter, as he praises Fedor from start to finish in glowing terms.

Dana must have locked Rogan in the Zuffa dungeon for a few days for that .. err… mistake.

Joe must have confused the squealing TUF fanboys clutching their Dana White and Lesnar posters — Fedor is a farce, Fedor is amazing, Fedor sucks, Fedor is badass, Fedor is not top 5, Fedor is the greatest HW …. mass overload and TUFer seizures !

He tries to pass off Dana remarks as Dana being a great businessman and promoter who trashes his rivals and competitors ( can’t diss your boss on air!), I see it as Dana talking out of his vagina and dreaming of being a lame Don King wannabe.

Dana has psychological issues , watches reruns of the Rocky series everyday, and suffers from a severe form of incurable Naploean Complex.

I’ll dig up an old interview of Dana where we see he’s changed completely, a 360 degree transformation from a shy OK guy to a loud-mouth, obscenity driven, trash-talking buffoon.

NOTE – The “retard” comment at the end was dubbed in later !